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Il Toro began over 26 years ago and made its debut at a Sankey Rodeo School in Abbyville, Kansas.  The first unit was nothing more than a 55 gallon metal drum set in a rack which rocked back and forth by someone raising and lowering a handle.  This unit was the first of its kind and led to the next innovation which had springs attached to the frame at the front and back of the body.  The springs allowed the unit to rock back and forth with little to no assistance from anyone other than the rider.  As well as this unit worked, it was basic in design, bulky, and heavy.


The new Il Toro, patent pending, is designed with the rider in mind and has come a long way from those rudimentary beginnings.  Il Toro now has the shape of a real bull and is built to scale.  It still has the ability to move back and forth, but also rolls from side to side as well, simulating the action of a bucking bull.  Il Toro is equipped with our patented spur pads which allow the rider to use spurs while training.  It is the only training unit designed for riders to practice with all of their gear.  Finally, Il Toro comes with its own permanent stand, or you can choose an upgrade to a portable X-Frame that you can select when ordering.


With every Il Toro unit sold the buyer will receive a DVD that will give the user some insights on how and what to practice.  Remember, Il Toro has been designed to give its users an advantage in competition by allowing the rider to engage every part of his mental & physical abilities when practicing.  The DVD will give some insights on the basics of bull riding and lay a foundation to build on for your training sessions.  Each session should be productive and with a purpose in mind, so Il Toro remains an asset to your career and not become a toy that you play bull rider with.  


There are three kinds of people out there; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.  Il Toro will put you in the first category. 


    IL Toro
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    Phone: 440-487-9876
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